Cuba Easing Entry Requirements for Canadians Starting 15NOV 

Cuba Tourism Board Canada

Just in time for sun seasonal travel, the government of Cuba has announced it’s relaxing restrictions on fully vaccinated Canadian travellers.

Open Jaw gathered news from a local Cuban newspaper last week that spoke of updating travel restrictions in NOV, and reached out to the Cuba Tourist Board in Toronto for confirmation.

They were able to confirm that Cuba’s Minister of Tourism was making an official appearance late last week to provide more details, which are now official:

Beginning 15NOV, Cuba is opening all tourist destinations in the country.

Canadians arriving in Cuba must show proof they are fully vaccinated. Those who are not fully vaccinated must submit a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before arrival into Cuba.

Otherwise, no COVID testing before or on arrival at the airport in Cuba will be necessary. Prior to the rule change, this was required of all pax.

The new rules “will focus on the surveillance of symptomatic patients, temperature screening and diagnostic tests performed at random.”

In addition, the Cuban tourism authorities announced the opening of the local tourism market and the cancelling of the quarantine for tourists staying in private, short-term rental accommodations.  Furthermore, locals will also be permitted to stay at tourist facilities shared by international visitors.

Cuba says the changes for tourists are a result of the country’s vaccination program, which will have over 92 per cent of the local population vaccinated by NOV.

Lessner Gomez, Director of the Cuba Tourist Board in Toronto, noted that Cuba’s vaccination program includes children as young as two years old. “We are the first country in the world to administer Covid 19 vaccines to toddlers”, he said.

“The vaccination program in Cuba, the strengthening of the health and safety protocols in all tourists’ facilities and the high vaccination rate in Canada have made possible these openings”.

According to Mr. Gomez “the fact that Cuba is relaxing the rules and that the tourists will be allowed to travel around and enjoy our beautiful country is very exciting and very good news at the time when Canadians are looking forward to returning to normal and are planning their winter travels”.

Canadians will also be able to obtain the PCR test required for their return entry into Canada at Cuban hotels at a cost of USD $30.

For additional information please contact Cuba Tourist Board on their web site

Or you can email or call 416 362 0700.

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