Tripadvisor Survey: Vaccinated People To Spend More on Travel

tripadvisor vacicnated

Over the past year, Tripadvisor tracked the planning and booking behaviours of over 2,400 travellers from all over the world, and found that vaccinated people are not only more likely to book a trip, but also to take longer trips, and to spend more.  

Tripadvisor found that vaccinated respondents are keen to spend more – with over a third (35 per cent) who said they plan to spend more on their next trip compared to a fifth (20 per cent) of those yet to receive the vaccine.

The survey concluded that the clearest and strongest recovery of travel behaviours to date have occurred in countries where the rollout of national vaccination programs has happened quickly and consistently, while in countries where the rollout has been slower, so have recovery trends in consumer travel planning behaviours.

Tripadvisor revealed that respondents who said they had already received at least one vaccine dose were more likely to have booked or were planning to book a vacation in 2021.

Nearly twice the proportion of vaccinated travelers surveyed (13 per cent) said they plan to travel with extended family members than non-vaccinated travelers (7 per cent). This indicates that as vaccination rates rise, so may the number of consumers that are traveling as part of a larger group.

Tripadvisor revealed that 80 per cent of vaccinated respondents who have already booked a domestic trip agreed that the vaccine had been a factor in their decision to book, whereas for those who have booked an international trip, 91 per cent of vaccinated respondents said it was a factor in their decision.

The survey analysts believe this trend will continue as more people receive vaccines. The survey shows that among those who are planning to travel domestically but are yet to book, nearly half (48 per cent) of all unvaccinated respondents said they are waiting to receive at least one dose of the vaccine before they make a booking.

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