Survey: CDN Interest in Travel on the Rise, Particularly Among Women

The percentage of Canadians who say they plan to travel in the next 3 months rose from 12.50% in February to 16.49% in March.Survey: CDN Interest in Travel on the Rise, Particularly Among Women

The April survey was published by Finder, which runs monthly surveys in 19 countries. To date they have surveyed 88,966 people to find out how the restrictions affect residents’ plans to travel domestically or internationally over the next few months.

Of all the 19 countries surveyed, Canadians have the lowest interest in travel in the coming 3 months.

Malaysia, India and the Philippines score three times higher than Canada on the ‘intention to travel’ index.

However, these results align with other surveys showing Canadians, unlike residents in many other countries, broadly support travel and other restrictions during the pandemic.


With international travel restrictions still in place, Canadians’ intention to travel domestically is on the rise, with the number of Canadians planning a vacation in May increasing from 2.25% in February, to 2.50% in March and 6.99% at the time of the survey last month.


The number of Canadians saying they have interest in travel outside the country remains low.


Percentage of Canadians Travelling Internationally


Canadian women plan to travel more than men

In one surprising twist, for the first time since Finder began surveying Canadians, more women plan on travelling than men.

Overall, women increased their score from 9.5% in February to 15% in April. Whereas men dropped from 15% in February to 12.2% in April.

Ultimately, the numbers for all parameters reflect a low appetite for a quick return to travel, however, overall trending is in the upward direction – and that’s hopeful for Canada’s travel industry.

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