Jamaica Launches New Website to Promote Wedding Opportunities on the Island

The Jamaica Tourist Board has launched ‘My Heart Beats JA’, a microsite featuring romantic activities and wedding ideas, to encourage travellers to visit Jamaica for all their romance needs.

Content across the microsite is divided into three categories: romantic getaways, getting engaged and ‘I do’. The site also addresses consumer trends, including more intimate or even private destination weddings, and a growing number of couples identifying and seeking opportunities for romantic escapes.

Partners can network through the platform with licensed vendors and suppliers, as well as a live person who can connect them with suppliers like cake vendors, photographers or trip planners.

The microsite also includes a blog that further provides knowledge on various opportunities for romance on the island. Some of the blog posts included are ‘Things To Do: A Lovers Guide to Jamaica’, ‘Destination Weddings Locations in Montego Bay’, ‘Unconventional Wedding Locations’, and more.


Anna Kroupina


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