Air France’s New Lounge at CDG has a Canadian Connection

Air France’s New Lounge at CDG's Terminal 2F
Air France’s New Lounge at CDG's Terminal 2F

On 19AUG, Air France unveiled a new lounge at CDG's Terminal 2F which was designed entirely by the Jouin Manku agency, founded by Canadian architect Sanjit Manku and French designer Patrick Jouin.

Dedicated to Business customers and Flying Blue Elite Plus members, the lounge is one of the airline's largest with over 3,000 square meters of space and 570 seats spread across two levels.

Manku and Jouin's design for this space was inspired by the idea of levitation and grace for travellers to relax before flying. The lounge's curved features and airy flow contain spaces for all guests to have something to do depending on how long the wait is before boarding. The materials used, including terrazzo, lava stone, wood, leather and other fabrics, have all been chosen to last over time. Air France signature colours - shades of blue, a strong presence of white and a hint of red - are highlighted, as well as the accent, the winged seahorse, Air France's brand symbol.

Upon entering the space, guests can view a giant sculpture linking the reception area and the lounge. The sculpture, inspired by the wings of an aircraft, symbolizes flight and reinforces the "cocoon" feeling throughout the lounge. At the heart of the space, a "runway view" is revealed with a huge curved window with a view of the sky and the airport runways.

Air France's sculpture connecting the reception and lounge areas.
Air France's sculpture connecting the reception and lounge areas.

The new Air France lounge also offers catering on every level with gourmet kiosks. Food options change throughout the day, but predominantly features French cuisine. Guests can enjoy a quick bite, dedicated pancakes in the morning, or dishes of the day made by a chef at lunchtime, among others.

“We are very proud to be embarking on this new project alongside Air France. With this new lounge, we wish to offer the airline's customers a real moment suspended in time before take-off. At the heart of the lounge, a "runway view", a huge curved window with a view of the sky, will reinforce the impression of being in a bubble of serenity at the heart of the airport. We have designed an intuitive space that every customer can enjoy, whatever the time of day," said Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku.

Air France’s New Lounge at CDG's Terminal 2F
Air France’s New Lounge at CDG's Terminal 2F

Jouin Manku's Leading 'Edge' Hospitality Design

Jouin Manku agency's design on the Celebrity Edge
Jouin Manku agency's design on the Celebrity Edge
Canadian architect Sanjit Manku
Canadian architect Sanjit Manku

Jouin Manku is a design agency with a team of 40 individuals, designers, interior designers and architects working under Canadian architect Sanjit Manku's and French designer Patrick Jouin's collaborative vision.

Manku and Jouin have been working together for close to 20 years, and founded the agency in 2007. Since then, the agency has completed projects such as the interior design and furniture design on the Celebrity Edge, the Mayfair Park Residencies in London, exhibition work for the Art and Science of Gems in Singapore, and many more.

Canadian architect Sanjit Manku is currently located in Paris, France, and has won Interior Design Best of Year Award and the European Design Awards.

For more information on Jouin Manku's work, click here.

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