WestJet Releases Emotional Welcome Back Video

WestJet is welcoming customers back with a new emotional video titled “Victoria,” as the first brand campaign the airline has launched since the beginning of the pandemic.

The video tells the story of a newly-vaccinated grandparent who travels across Canada to meet his granddaughter, Victoria for the first time. Five long-standing WestJetters were cast for the video.

“As we conceptualized the new campaign, we thought about our guests, how each flight carries them to life events, and the role we play in their journeys on their way to reunions, weddings, and the important events we’ve all missed during COVID-19,” said Rob Daintree, WestJet’s Director of Marketing Communications.

“With a 25-year history of care, there’s nothing more exciting than uniting our guests with their loved ones and the places they’ve missed. That’s where we drew our inspiration”.

See more of the WestJet video here.

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