Marriott Bonvoy’s New Campaign Celebrates the “Power of Travel”

marriott bonvoy

In its new global “Power of Travel” campaign, Marriott Bonvoy wants the world to embrace the transformative power of travel as a vital pathway to growth, healing, and unity, as we leave the pandemic behind us.

A year of isolation and separation left people across the world feeling distant, the company says. As the world begins to open again, Marriott Bonvoy is encouraging “discovery” travel, to bring people back together, and understand each other better .

“When we step out into the world, we are forever transformed by the places, cultures, and people we encounter,” said Brian Povinelli, Senior Vice President, Brand, Loyalty, and Portfolio Marketing, Marriott International. “Travel has an unmistakable impact on the human spirit and in light of the past year, this is a pivotal moment to recognize the importance of stretching out beyond our own small corners in an effort to better ourselves and society as a whole.”

According to a Harris/U.S. Travel Association survey, 77 per cent of Americans are planning to take a trip this summer. From burnt-out work-from-home-ers craving a new perspective outside of bedroom offices and the long-delayed honeymoons, to grandparents eager to meet grandchildren for the first time and the emotionally exhausted looking to reflect on the past year – the hotel company says there is lots of pent-up desire for travel.

The new tagline, “Where Can We Take You?” underscores the brand’s belief in travel’s ability to help travellers grow, heal, and find common ground.

The campaign will be aired during the NBA Finals, as well as symbolically during the Olympic games.

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