Here’s what Visit Britain Recommends the PM does in his Spare Time at the G7 Conference in Cornwall

Visit Britain
Cliffs at Land’s End, the westernmost point of mainland Cornwall, courtesy of Visit Britain

With the G7 Summit taking place in Cornwall in the Southwest of England from 11 to 13JUN, Visit Britain is taking the opportunity to remind the world – including Canadian travel advisors and travellers – what’s in store for visitors to the region. 

The organization has even suggested some fun family experiences for Canada’s Prime Minister to take part in while he’s visiting the region with his family for the G7 Summit. 

For activities in the outdoors, Visit Britain suggests that Trudeau go for a walk along the newly-opened English Coast Path, or take a peek at some of the coastal views along with a new series of kid-friendly Treasure Trails around the Cornish coastline.

The Prime Minister has been famously captured on camera surfing on Canada’s west coast, and Visit Britain points out its own west coast also attracts surfers and kite surfers from around the world. 

To pique his well-known interest in the environment, Visit Britain says that Trudeau and his family should visit the Eden Project, a huge crater created out of a depleted clay pit which is now a thriving garden housing the world’s largest captive rainforest.

Visit Britain
The Eden Project, courtesy of Visit Britain

As a former drama teacher, Trudeau might find time to see a performance at the open-air Minack Theatre, constructed on a rocky granite outcrop jutting in the sea. 

And after a couple of days of intense meetings, the PM might want to relax and recharge than the Isles of Scilly – Cornwall’s own tropical islands. Just 45 km off the coast of Land’s End, the grouping of 140 islands provides the perfect escape of crystal clear waters and idyllic beaches, where other public figures such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Winslet, and Jude Law have also been spotted holidaying. 

Visit Britain says the Trudeau family could make like explorers and head east to the Jurassic Coast, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the place to go fossil hunting, as each year fossils are eroded from the cliffs and tumble onto the beaches waiting to be discovered. The rock cliffs at Charmouth and Lyme Regis contain thousands of fossils of animals that swam in the Jurassic seas.

Not only can Trudeau enjoy these many experiences in Cornwall, Visit Britain points out, but soon, so can all Canadians. Visit Britain tracked consumer sentiment throughout the pandemic with its latest survey showing that 63 per cent of Canadians were likely to take an international leisure trip in the next 12 months, and with almost two-thirds (64 per cent) of Canadians keen to travel had not having booked or decided where to go, the tourism organization is hoping Cornwall – or at least the UK – will be on Canadians’ list.

Visit Britain will also be using the Summit to promote major events coming in 2022, including the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and Festival UK 2022 – to promote the UK’s creativity and innovation to the world.

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