Royal Caribbean Group CEO Gives New Update On Cruises Resuming

Royal Caribbean Line has released a new video to inform the public on the latest updates within the company.

In the video, Richard Fain, CEO of Royal Caribbean Group, tells advisors that vaccines are being administered as a very fast pace with 45% of eligible Americans having received their first dose. Fain is optimistic about the return of safe cruising noting on how Royal Caribbean cruises will implement precise contact tracing and accessible Covid-19 testing in order to contain the virus in the event that there is an outbreak onboard. The cruise line has also been in constant communication with health officials to enforce various health and safety procedures onboard to ensure the utmost safety of guests.

Fain was excited when speaking on the CDC’s announcement stating that they see cruises restarting as early as JUL. “We are eager to work with them to achieve that goal,” said Fain.

“At the end of the day, we all want the same thing, safe and healthy cruising. That is our hope and it is the sincere hope of the CDC and other public officials around the world and around our country. My fondest desire is that we can follow President Biden’s target of 04JUL as a major reopening milestone. The evidence is that we can do it,” concluded Fain.

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