For Nature-Focused Clients Who Also Enjoy Fine Cuisine

From luxurious all-vegan suites to fully plant-based restaurant menus, Palmaïa, The House of AïA is rooted in environmentally-friendly design and practices. Climate conscious travellers can rest easy, knowing the eco-resort is doing everything it can to ensure their vacation is producing the lowest environmental footprint possible.


Vegan guests will find themselves right at home in modern suites completely free of animal products and by-products — no leather, no feather bedding, no animal-tested bathroom amenities.

Vegan fine dining while travelling has never been easier than at Palmaïa, where all four on-site restaurants serve fully plant-based menus with a focus on local ingredients, making it simple to eat sustainably while away from home.

“Being healthy doesn’t just come from yoga or meditation, it also comes from what you eat. That’s why our chef is always looking to find the freshest and best-quality ingredients, either locally or further away in Mexico. He prioritizes using local food – that’s very important to him. It’s all part of maintaining a high quality of food,” Karen Collado, Sales Director at Palmaïa, The House of AïA, says.

Carnivores need not worry!

Carnivores need not worry! Fresh meat and fish options are always available as add-ons. Restaurants also cater to food sensitivities, like lactose intolerant or gluten free diets and premium drinks like coconut water, iced tea and kombucha are available in the mini-bar.

Fine cuisine

Under the tutelage of Executive Chef Eugenio, Su Casa serves up international delicacies, while Ume puts on display Asian gastronomy. Mediterranean flavours burst at Mar de Olivo and, channelling the spirit of Mexico, Lek restaurant serves Mexican fine dining. Peckish guests can grab healthy snacks at El Caminante throughout the day. All meals are included in a guest’s stay as part of Palmaïa’s “Gifting Lifestyle” philosophy.

The entire property is walkable and radiates natural serenity at every turn. All 314 suites are oceanfront, shared among seven, four-story buildings. Ground-floor suites feature swim-out access to one of four infinity pools, while others open up to sweeping views of the sea or are comfortably nestled among the ocean-side mangroves. There are also two jacuzzi-style plunge pools chiseled into the rocks and two pool bars for guests to enjoy.

No single-use plastic

Part of Palmaïa’s commitment to the planet includes no single-use plastic on the property.

“That’s one of our biggest sustainability practices. It’s hard not to have single-use plastics, but we do everything we can in order to help the planet,” says Collado.

“In the suites, the amenities are refillable, vegan and biodegradable.”

By installing solar panels throughout the property grounds and using energy-efficient appliances, the forward-thinking resort is on track to be fully carbon-neutral by 2021. Its air condition units, for instance, release 50% less CO2 than competing AC systems.


The vibe throughout the resort is calm, zen and community-minded. This is not a resort for spring break ravers or wild parties, rather a protected enclave for individuals striving to improve their health, proponents of sustainability and families who want to reconnect with nature.

“There is a large market for us in Canada, from vegans, wellness seekers and people interested in the Architects of Life program,” Collado says. “When the two-week quarantine will be eliminated, people will be very enthusiastic to come.”

No one could have predicted a coronavirus would ground our lives as it has this year. But, in a way, the newly opened Palmaïa, The House of AïA was the preemptive response to the coronavirus pandemic and is the perfect resort for clients who just need a damn break.

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