Travelsavers Canada Upgrades Lead Generation and E-Commerce Platform

Travelsavers Canada has announced it has upgraded its digital tools to meet the increasing demand for online travel bookings.

Softvoyage, an online booking engine, in collaboration with the OnlineXpress consumer website solution, aim to offer a comprehensive e-commerce platform for lead generation.

“By providing qualified travel advisors with Softvoyage’s Package Plus features, TRAVELSAVERS’ OnlineXpress hybrid agency site functions as both a lead generation tool to book appointments and an e-commerce platform,” says Christine Vincent, Business Technology Manager, TRAVELSAVERS North America. “This industry leading technology emphasizes the indisputable advantages of working with a seasoned travel agency as opposed to exclusively dealing with online travel agencies.”

Softvoyage offers marketing and advertising capabilities to support agencies in establishing an online presence. The advertising module allows advisors to create offer widgets with calls to action and graphics, with the help of its adaptable API. The online booking engine is also designed to save advisors time by handling manual duties.

In addition to Softvoyage, TRAVELSAVERS CANADA's OnlineXpress platform serves as a lead-generating e-commerce platform for agencies. This proprietary software enables agencies to target clients for marketing and potential sales. Additionally, OnlineXpress can work alongside an agency’s existing internal team to complement and expand its marketing efforts.

The consortium says the technologies work both in tandem and separately, enabling customers to explore destinations, packages and dates and share insights with advisors to create a personalized travel experience.

“As the industry continues to evolve digitally, virtually all consumers shop online before seeking agent advice. TRAVELSAVERS CANADA is committed to offering advisors the newest market-leading tools and resources they need to provide an unmatched level of service and support to their customers,” says Jane Clementino, Senior Vice President and General Manager, TRAVELSAVERS CANADA.

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