TTI Travel Expanding, Attracting ‘New Blood’ to the Industry

Virtuoso agency TTI Travel has grown, adding three new travel advisors to its roster, which includes contributing to fresh faces in Canada’s travel retail community.

John Gravel is joining TTI Travel from Montreal.  He has strong ties to Cirque du Soleil and Lune Rouge, a new venture for Guy Laliberte, and he is also looking to expand his corporate and luxury leisure business.

Rosalba Chiappetta TTI
Rosalba Chiappetta

35-year industry veteran Rosalba Chiappetta is Toronto-based with a strong leisure background and operations expertise to bring to a new, IC business.

Karen Wyers TTI
Karen Wyers

And newcomer Karen Wyers is not new to the travel industry, but new to the agency perspective; she transitioned from her previous role as Head Concierge at the Four Seasons Toronto, planning to maximize her existing robust social media activities and her depth of knowledge in providing premium customer service to this side of travel.

Rocky Racco, CEO TTI Travel, told Open Jaw that he isn’t surprised new players are now entering the world of travel retail.

He acknowledged the industry has seen a drain of advisors during the pandemic.

“Many recently new to the industry, with less attachment, have looked to other industries to pursue the career aspirations,” he said. In addition, “Many veterans that where contemplating retirement or a slow exit strategy have figured this is a good time to bow out.”

Rocky Racco, CEO, TTI Travel
Rocky Racco, CEO, TTI Travel

But the pandemic has made people in other industries also re-think their careers and lives – and that could enrich the advisor community, Racco believes, and even foster a new, younger generation of travel advisors.

“Many folks in other industries have had a chance to ponder what’s important in life and reflect on their careers and some will be interested in pursuing their passion for travel and build a career around that,” he told Open Jaw.

“We now realize that living abroad or traveling can allow you to be connected remotely and a career in travel supports this very well and can be attractive to young people.”

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