CBC On Travel Agencies: “Phones Are Ringing Off the Hook”

The CBC has never been a great friend to our industry. When a story lead on their site reads “Travel agency says phones ringing off the hook”, something fundamental has changed in the way advisors are perceived.

Mainstream media are paying attention to what travel professionals have to say.

According to the CBC, Ottawa agency Centrum Travel-CWT Vacations reports consumers booking Caribbean and resort vacations for as early as this September and cruises are quickly filling up for next year.

Overseas vacations have ‘seen a big jump’ for the fall and winter of 2021 and cruises are ‘in hot demand’.

President Carolyn Pernari is quoted as saying “A lot of people are booking now because they’ve had their first vaccine,” Adding that “Everyone’s just feeling more comfortable to take that plunge.”
“People just think that they’re going to be vaccinated by September, so that they’re going to be safe to travel after that.”

Carolyn Simpson-Pernari, President, Centrum Travel

“One of our agents is booking probably 10 vacations a day. She’s very, very busy,” Pernari said.

Destinations include the DR, Cuba and Mexico, Pernari said. There are also more reservations for yachts and smaller resorts, and some couples are booking destination weddings.

Once quarantine travel rules change, Pernari thinks demand for travel will jump even more.

It’s a refrain we’ve heard echoed south of the border, where the New York Times wrote

“Make Way for Travel Agents”, painting a picture of a ‘Roaring ‘20’s’ style rebirth for travel advisors this summer.

Despite the CBC’s version being one agency’s experience, it does bode well that the same rebirth of the advisor is coming to a Canadian city near you.


Nina Slawek


After decades of delivering marketing plans to airlines and ad agencies at an exorbitant salary, Nina decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of having her own business and working for nothing. As well as the pleasures of travelling, hobnobbing with industry leaders and glamorous appearances in the Open Jaw TV room, Nina has the additional joyful responsibilities of ensuring the financial stability of the company and managing the talented but eccentric Open Jaw team.

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