Paull Travel Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary

Paull Travel
Lesley Paull, President & General Manager, Paull Travel

Paull Travel, an independent travel agency based out of Edmonton, is celebrating its 35th anniversary. To mark this milestone, the team ‘renovated’ the entire office to look like an airport, a theme very fitting for a travel corporation.  The revamps included a boarding gate, tickets, and the first-class Paull Travel Airlines Sky Lounge that served drinks and food all day.

The celebrations concluded with a 45-minute video which highlighted the many memories that the company has made over the past 35 years.

Paull Travel 2

“This is something I will treasure always. Thanks to my “family” I work with today and those from the past, and for all of you valued clients out there that have kept us here and fiercely independent! Thank you all.. very touching and emotional day,” said Lesley Paull.

Paull Travel 3

To learn more about Paull Travel, click here.

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