TICO Announces New Board Chair Michael Levinson

The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) has announced that the Government and Consumer Services has appointed Michael Levinson as next Chair of the Board of Directors. Beginning 11MAY, 2021, Levinson will assume the role of Board Chair from Jean Hébert whose term as Board Chair expired during his tenure of over five years.

Michael Levinson, new TICO Board Chair
Michael Levinson, new TICO Board Chair.

“The addition of Michael to the Board of Directors will provide valuable oversight and perspective into TICO’s strategic business plan as we execute our mandate during this challenging time,” said Richard Smart, TICO President and CEO. “Michael’s strength in strategy and his breadth of experience will assist the Board with their strategic oversight responsibilities. We also wish to thank Jean for his exceptional service and numerous contributions as TICO’s Board Chair and member of the Board since 2011“.

Levinson’s background includes over 35 years of experience in roles such as hotel development & operations, real estate, property management, and software development. Previously, he was President of the Ottawa Gatineau Hotel & Motel Association, and Vice President of the Ontario Hotel & Motel Association, as well as being a board member of the Human Resources Executives of the Canadian Tourism Research Institute (CTRI), a division of the Conference Board of Canada.


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