Travel Industry Doesn't Understand Needs of Solo Women Over 50: JourneyWoman Study

JourneyWoman Survey

The world’s largest solo women’s travel publication, ‘JourneyWoman’, has announced the results of a global survey conducted in OCT of over 1,000 experienced female travellers.

And the findings should have the travel industry taking note.

A whopping 70 per cent of women said they felt that the travel industry doesn’t understand the needs of mature women over 50, while 43 per cent feel that their needs are ignored.

Only 6 per cent felt that the travel industry understands the needs of mature female travellers.

Travel Marketing Missing the Boat with Mature Women

The study noted concerns about a lack of age-appropriate and diverse photography, appropriate terminology to describe older women and more emphasis on mobility and accessibility requirements. These failings are particularly important, considering the study also found that 63 per cent of the respondents get information and advice about solo travel from websites or blogs.


In addition, the study showed that 96 per cent of the study participants make the travel decisions and plans in their household - so having travel marketing that 'speaks' to them is especially important and an opportunity that many travel sellers may be missing. 

Other Survey Highlights

Travel Preferences

• 53 per cent of respondents are from the USA, 32 per cent from Canada

• 87 per cent are 55+, 90 per cent are white with the remainder mixed race, Black or Asian

• 65 per cent are single, widowed or divorced; 22 per cent are married

• 44 per cent said they travel solo, 31 per cent travel with a partner, and 19 per cent travel in a group

• The majority of solo travellers trust other women (73 per cent), travel bloggers and friends and family for travel information.

Preferred Destinations and Activities

• Women are seeking adventurous experiences in bucket list destinations

• 50 per cent travel for their bucket list, and 37 per cent are looking for somewhere new

• Top destinations include Europe/UK/Scandinavia/ Eastern Europe (65 per cent), followed by North America (30 per cent) and Asia Pacific including Australia and NZ (26 per cent)

• Preferred accommodations include boutique hotels, homestays and bed and breakfasts over large resorts and cruise ships

Budgeting for travel

• Solo women are value-conscious, willing to pay more and stay longer

• The majority of solo female travelers (58 per cent) intend to travel 2-3 times a year and 69 per cent said they plan to stay longer in one place

• While most (49 per cent) solo women will spend approximately USD$2,000 per week on travel, 51 per cent will spend USD$3,000 or more

• 47 per cent plan week-long stays, 29 per cent two-week stays and 12 per cent plan monthly stays

• 52 per cent look for a great deal

• 46 per cent will pay more for their own room

Direction for the Future

In 2023, women 50+ are projected to represent over USD$15 trillion in purchasing power and are experiencing the largest population growth over the next 10 years, according to another recent study conducted in the US by the Coca-Cola Group and Mass Mutual.

“It’s time to relinquish the stereotypes and attitudes of the past and embrace the wisdom that mature solo women bring to travel,“ says Carolyn Ray, CEO, JourneyWoman. “Women over 50 are adventurous, curious and empowered to make their own financial decisions. Yet despite their spending power, most women feel the travel industry doesn’t understand their needs. As some of the world’s most experienced solo travellers, these women have both the responsibility and opportunity to use the power of their voice and their wallet to create sustainable change.”

For more details on the survey, please visit JourneyWoman.

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