Feds Take First Steps Towards New High Speed Rail Service Toronto-Quebec

Via Rail

The Government of Canada has announced the first steps in building a new high-speed rail train service from Toronto to Quebec.

The full proposal is expected this fall. The steps include engaging with Indigenous communities and the private sector as well as choosing a private partner in the project.

The proposed route would create faster trip times by up to 90 minutes, boost on-time arrivals to 95 per cent from 67 per cent, incorporate cleaner tech and more departure time from cities. Further, it would provide new services to certain communities such as Peterborough, Trois-Rivières, and Laval, and new stations in targeted locations including near Jean Lesage Airport.

"Canadians deserve a fast and reliable train service. Today, we are taking the first steps in preparing for the procurement process to build a new train service in the Toronto to Quebec City Corridor. High Frequency Rail in the Toronto to Quebec City Corridor is a massive transportation project with the potential to transform passenger rail service by offering faster, more reliable, more frequent, and cleaner transportation service,” said the Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra.

A rail like this would allow travel speeds of 177-200 km per hour and could dramatically boost the number of trips between cities from 4.8 million in 2019 to a projected 17 million by 2059.

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