EU to Reopen for Vaccinated Travellers

EU- Brussels All 27 member states of the EU reportedly agreed Wednesday to allow travellers fully vaccinated with approved vaccines to enter the block of countries.

The new regulations are a big step forward from previous severe restrictions against almost all non-essential entry into the EU. Even more recently, residents of only seven countries with very low COVID case counts were permitted to enter the EU on holiday, and no other travellers, regardless of whether they were vaccinated. Neither Canada nor the U.S. was on that list of approved countries.

Now, according to Britain’s Independent, there are two ‘tracks’ to enter the EU for non-essential travel: arrivals from a new list of ‘safe’ countries – with more relaxed requirements – or fully vaccinated pax.

That means Canadians and Americans who are fully vaccinated will be able to go to Europe even if the countries don’t make the revised ‘safe’ list.

According to reports, the new list of ‘safe’ countries is expected “within days,” and will be updated every two weeks.

The vaccines recognized include the list of the most widely-used vaccines in North America, including Astra-Zenica, but do not include the Russian or Chinese vaccines, which have not been approved in the EU.

EU ministers are expected to sign off on the new reopening plan on Thursday.

Lynn Elmhirst

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