Travel Co's Getting into the Spirit of Earth Day 2021

Tourism accounts for about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions that are putting the earth we love to travel in danger, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

Travel suppliers and destinations are getting proactive about protecting the planet. Here’s how some of them are taking the theme of Earth Day 2021 to heart and working to “restore our Earth.”

Globus Supports Sustainability With The Lighthouse Project

The Ocean Cleanup is the Lighthouse Project's spotlight company through the month of MAY. Photo credit: The Ocean Cleanup.
The Ocean Cleanup is the Lighthouse Project's spotlight company through the month of MAY. Photo credit: The Ocean Cleanup.

The Globus family of brands has launched a new project helping travellers reduce their travel footprint and give back for the globe’s greater good.

Called the Lighthouse Project, the initiative will spotlight one organization per month, providing guests with “give-back” opportunities.

“We have helped travellers walk historic hallways while giving back to the societies that safeguard them... Along the way, we have also invested in the planet, preserved sacred places and helped humankind. Now, with the Lighthouse Project, we’re shining a light on our work and inviting guests to get involved," said Stéphanie Bishop, managing director for the Globus family of brands.

The first organization spotlighted by the Lighthouse Project is The Ocean Cleanup, a global nonprofit spearheading the largest plastic cleanup in history to rid our oceans and rivers of pollution. Through the month of MAY, Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Waterways will encourage guests to support The Ocean Cleanup through a monetary donation or by purchasing sunglasses made from recycled plastics culled from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The Travel Corporation Targets Full Carbon Neutrality by 2030

The Travel Corporation and its family of brands are committed to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2030 and to source 50 per cent of electricity from renewable sources across the organization by 2025. TTC has also committed to carbon-neutral offices and business travel beginning 01JAN, 2022, through its partnership with offset provider South Pole.

“Our TTC Climate Action Plan is not marked by one quick fix, because there isn’t one. It is marked with the need to act now, to learn and adapt as technology and innovation support our need to transition to a low-carbon business,” states Brett Tollman, Chief Executive of The Travel Corporation.

“There is much debate as to the right approach when it comes to decarbonizing travel and tourism, and our position is that this must be a process that begins now and commits to evolving as the solutions continue to improve and become available to us.”

As an additional initiative, TTC and its philanthropic arm, the TreadRight Foundation, are investing US$100,000 in two permanent carbon removal projects: Project Vesta and GreenWave. Project Vesta aims to accelerate the natural process of weathering to permanently store carbon into rock, while GreenWave is studying how kelp can be added to soil to increase its carbon storage potential.

TTC’s Contiki hopes to achieve carbon neutrality much sooner than other TTC brands, by 01JAN, 2022. This will come at no expense to Contiki guests, as the brand will be covering all costs to offset their trips. Contiki appointed a new Global Sustainability Officer, Tasha Hayes, to lead the way.

“Ignoring the climate crisis won’t make it go away. Our Climate Action Plan is our commitment to learn and adapt as the world moves closer to a lower carbon economy, a goal we care passionate about,” says Hayes.

Carnival Cruise Line Highlights the Value of LNG

Carnival Cruise Line has released a new video, “LNG Powers the Fun,” highlighting the many environmental benefits of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), a “greener” fuel option that will be used on two of Carnival’s new ships, Mardi Gras, set to debut later this year from Port Canaveral, and Carnival Celebration, scheduled to enter service from PortMiami in 2022.

The video explains how LNG works and why it’s a game changer in helping the cruise industry enhance its environmental commitments.

LNG is part of Carnival’s comprehensive sustainability and environmental efforts to reduce energy consumption and its environmental footprint. These efforts also include advanced waste water treatment systems, advanced air quality systems, shore power connection capabilities, and comprehensive waste management, recycling and energy conservation programs, complementing many initiatives to reduce single-use plastics on board.

Exodus Cuts Down on Flights With Expanded Europe Rail Journeys

Exodus' new "Highlights of the Amalfi Coast" rail journey travels from London to Naples.
Exodus' new "Highlights of the Amalfi Coast" rail journey travels from London to Naples.

Exodus Travels is expanding its train travel offering for escorted tours in Europe. Rail travel is widely seen as being a much greener alternative to aviation, using less energy per passenger mile.

“We already offer train travel to our self-guided trips, but we’re delighted to be expanding this offering by launching a rail option for a number of our European small group adventures,” Kasia Morgan, head of sustainability at Exodus Travels says.

Two of the small-group tours that are available in the new collection include the 12-day Highlights of the Amalfi Coast, a rail journey from London to Naples, and the 15-day Tour du Mont Blanc Camping Trek, from London to Geneva.

Exodus also recently partnered with Rewilding Europe to rewild 100 square metres of the Italian Apennines for every passenger. This project aims to rewild 5,000 hectares of the Italian Apennines over the course of five years promoting recovery of regional biodiversity.

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