Globus Family of Brands Guarantees Hundreds of 2022 Departures

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The Globus Family of Brands has released a list of guaranteed departures for 2022, for both Globus and Cosmos, as the company notes that bookings for 2022 are on pace for a record year.

Stéphanie Bishop, Managing Director, Canada. Globus Family of Brands
Stéphanie Bishop, Managing Director, Canada. Globus Family of Brands

“As we continue to facilitate travel’s comeback we are dedicated to providing our travel advisor partners – and their clients – confidence in every aspect of the booking process, including guaranteeing departures,” said Stéphanie Bishop, managing director for the Globus Family of Brands.

For 2022, hundreds of Globus and Cosmos departures are guaranteed, more than the Globus family of brands has ever guaranteed by this time in the booking process. In addition, the company has extended vaccination requirements, refreshed its Peace of Mind Travel program to include 2022 vacations, and committed to new commission standards.

“For more than a year, international travel experienced the equivalent of a power outage,” added Bishop. “We worked hard to turn the lights back on and recharge travel advisors while preparing for a surge of new and misplaced bookings. We did that with our ‘Power of Family’ campaign, new commission standards, updated selling tools and the largest range of touring vacation offerings – including a new ‘Choice Touring by Globus’ travel style as well as new ‘Undiscovered’ itineraries in North America.

“We’re ready to welcome advisors and their clients back, booking 2022 travel with the options and certainty they desire.”

To view the list of 2022 guaranteed departures, advisors can click the “Upcoming Departures” tab at

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