Air Canada Vacations Unveils 2021/2022 Winter Sun Routes For ON, Maritimes

Air Canada Vacations has revealed its winter sun lineup for Ontario and eastern Canada, which includes a brand-new, non-stop route from Toronto to Exuma, Bahamas.

The full program in Ontario and the Maritimes restores Air Canada’s schedule to almost 100 per cent of what it was prior to the pandemic.

“Our customers have been dreaming of sunshine, clear blue waters and warm sand between
their toes for over a year now, and we want to make it easier than ever for them to turn those
dreams into reality. By expanding our routes in Ontario and the Maritimes, we’re getting them
one step closer to experiencing the beach getaway they’ve been longing for,” said Nino
Montagnese, Vice President, Air Canada Vacations.

“We’re excited to offer Canadians more opportunities to take a break from the cold this winter and create sunny vacation memories.”

ACV reminds advisors that, as of 26JUL, international Air Canada flights will no longer include COVID-19 Coverage and Assistance Plan. Until 25JUL, the plan still covers all eligible pax travelling by OCT31 2021.

Until 25JUL, Air Canada’s early bookings perks include a free CareFlexPlus protection plan, providing customers with the flexibility to transfer their package, change their departure date, destination or hotel up to 7 days prior to departure, or cancel with a full refund up until 25 days prior to departure.

Lastly, for departures leaving between 1SEP, 2021 and 30APR 2022 to select destinations in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, pax can save up to $50 per person or $400 per family.

The list of winter sun destinations is below. Click here for more info on the new schedule.

Non-Stop Flights from Ontario: YYZ and YOW

*GGT* new! 1 flight/week
ANU 3 flights/week
AUA 4 flights/week
BGI Daily flights
BDA 3 flights/week
CUN Daily flights  2 flights/week (starting DEC)
CTG 3 flights/week
BWW 1 flight/week
CZM 2 flights/week
CUR 2 flights/week
GCM 3 flights/week
GND  2 flights/week
HAV 2 flights/week Starting DEC
HOG  1 flight/week
HUX  2 flights/week
ZIH  1 flight/week Starting DEC
KIN 5 flights/week
LIR 6 flights/week
LSG 2 flights/week
MEX  Daily
MBJ Daily
NAS  Daily
ECP 3 flights/week Starting JAN
SKB 1 flight/week
UVF  4 flights/week
SXM 2 flights/week Starting JAN
SVD 1 flight/week
AZS 2 flights/week Starting DEC
SJC 5 flights/week
SJU  2 flights/week
PLS Daily
VRA 6 flights/week 1 flight/week starting DEC

Non-Stop Flights from YHZ: 

CCC 1 flight/week Starting FEB
CUN 2 flights/week  Starting DEC
PUJ 2 flights/week Starting DEC

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