Bermuda 's Not Short On Variety
with Taylor Christie

William Griffith, Director of Bermuda Tourism; Ann Shutte, Director of Global Operations for Bermuda Tourism &  Robin Danes, Director of Sales, Canada, Bermuda Department of Tourism

William Griffith, Director of Bermuda Tourism

If you’re like me, you may have felt there are a couple of things holding you back from taking a Bermuda vacation.  In my case, the fact that I don’t frequently wear ascots or employ a butler, tends to make me feel as though I wouldn’t quite fit in.  However, I had the pleasure of a lunch meeting with some nice folks from Bermuda Tourism last week in Toronto and they assured me that I’d get on just fine in Bermuda, sans ascot. 

While I enjoyed my island inspired rum kissed seafood lunch, I listened as Bermuda’s Director of Tourism William Griffith explained how the destination has become far more accessible in recent years.  For starters, Canada now has both West Jet and Air Canada competing for business into Bermuda, which has brought prices down significantly.  William explained his department found consumers in Canada are often surprised to hear the flight from Toronto to Bermuda is just slightly over 3 hours.  Of course, this makes Bermuda one of the closest beach destinations for people in Eastern Canada.

Flights aside, changes are also happening on the ground, designed to attract families and couples travelling without bottomless pockets.  Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Spa has just opened an impressive new waterpark to keep kids entertained for days on end.  This winter many resorts on the island are slated to introduce reduced rates on packaged Golf and Spa deals.  In Bermuda’s case, its B&B’s somehow largely get overlooked yet can make experiencing Bermuda not only more affordable, but also more personal as well.  

You can obviously still travel to Bermuda and feel like Robin Leach is narrating your vacation, however, Bermuda Tourism’s message is that the island can play host to a wide range of budgets and tastes.  You can visit  for plenty of information regarding the islands wide assortment of vacation possibilities.  

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