Indulging In The Swiss Mix
with Taylor Christie

(l-r): Ursula Beamish-Mader, Switzerland Tourism; Annie Neukomm, Jungfrau Marketing; Mike Capodanno, Switzerland Tourism; Aurelia Carlen, Zurich Marketing; Colette Richter, Lucerne Marketing.

Hotel Bellevue Mt. Pilatus

Alpine skiing, chocolate, watches and secret bank accounts. What country am I talking about?  If you thought of the country that starts with an S and ends with witzerland, then you and I are on the same wavelength. Switzerland tourism has been banking on those tried and true elements with dedicated precision for a long time.  But they are not in a cuckoo clock induced rut – they’re breaking out of the mold to show how flexible and varied their offerings can be…what their country has to offer goes well beyond commonly held notions.  Armed with a long list of enticing Swiss destinations and activities, a Swiss Tourism delegation hit Toronto recently to emphasize their seasonal attractions.

Mike Capodanno of Switzerland Tourism along with reps from Zurich, Lucerne, and Jungfrau hosted a lunch at Bistro 990 in Toronto.  Their mission was to show Canadians that Switzerland has just as much to offer in the spring, summer and fall as it does during winter’s alpine ski season. 

The Swiss enjoy a four-season calendar and like us they try to make the most of the non-winter months. Whether it’s shopping in Zurich, dining atop Mount Pilatus in Lucerne, biking/hiking in Jungfrau, or catching some of the many spectacular seasonal festivals, there’s a uniquely Swiss experience waiting in almost every corner of the country. 

Like some parts of Canada, Switzerland’s freshwater lakes and mountains allow for a huge variety of recreational activities – although in Canada we haven’t yet caught on to building enormously extravagant hotels and restaurants on top of our mountains.  Also, unlike Canada, Switzerland’s relatively small size and highly developed rail system allow travellers to see a lot of the country with extreme efficiency.       

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