Occidental Growth Not Accidental
with Nina Slawek

Sue Webb

VoX International, the Canadian representatives for Occidental Hotels, take their job very seriously. Lunch, on the other hand, is taken swanky. Very swanky. Nothing less than the Windsor Arms Hotel will do for a gracious industry luncheon.

The yummy affair was held in celebration of an increase in sales in 2009 — no small feat, considering market conditions over the last winter. Hostess Sue Webb thanked the travel community for its support of all 3 resort styles: Royal Hideaway, the cream of the Occidental line; Occidental Grand, the flagship brand; and Allegro, the fun and affordable beach experience.

Over melt-in-your mouth filet mignon (no less than would be tendered at an Occidental resort), we learned that two new hotels have been added in Cuba: the Allegro Varadero has been taken over from Holiday Village. And the Monte Habana, located in the embassy zone of Havana.

As an added ‘thank you’, there is an agent incentive on right now. Travel agents are rewarded with HBC gift cards in return for bookings.

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