At The Travel Counsellors Canada Year In Review Celebration
with Wolf Paunic

Steve Byrne via MS Communicator

Lynda Sinclair

Lynda Sinclair, Travel Counsellors General Manager for Canada, and Marketing Manager Tara Sutton hosted their Year In Review meeting to celebrate the anniversary of their first year of operations in the Canadian market. 

Steve Byrne, Travel Counsellors PLC Managing Director, joined the meeting via web link from the company’s HO in Bolton U.K. to present their 2009 sales results and future growth plans. The mixed media meeting was also designed to illustrate Travel Counsellors’ tools for relationship building based on face-to-face communications, utilization of proprietary technology to customize their clients’ travel experience and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Commercially, Byrne feels that Travel Counsellors have performed comparatively well under 2009’s challenging economic environment, having maintained profit margins and having grown in their non-U.K. markets.

The Canadian outfit, led by Lynda Sinclair and supported by the Toronto-based team, have posted a better than expected revenue growth.

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