Dialing Up A Special African Experience
with Taylor Christie

(l-r): David Chorley, SAA;
Glen Griffin, MyEscapades;
Gabriella Truman, TruMarketing;
Vanessa Agius, MyEscapades;
Bruce Slade, Huntington Travel;
Kiran Budhdev, Huntington Travel;
Firdosh Bulsara, MyEscapades

MyEscapades hasn’t left any stone unturned in the design of their 2010 African Safari Lineup.  On a recent evening at the Old Mill in Toronto they showcased the advantages of their partnerships with South African Airways, TruMarketing and their own parent Huntington Travel in delivering their unique African tour series. 

MyEscapades General Manager Firdosh Bulsara said there’s “beauty in consolidation.â€Â  David Chorley of South African Airways attested to that statement by letting the crowd of agents know their clients could leave Toronto in the morning and be on safari in Africa before noon the next day.  In addition, Firdosh has a special relationship with TruMarketing’s distinctive lodges and hotels and the prestigious Blue Train, which they also represent.

MyEscapades parent company Huntington Travel also presented their agent booking engine, which makes taking advantage of their special agent pricing and booking your client’s trip a breeze. 

Kudos to Firdosh for keeping his presentation under the industry standard 4 hours.  An amazing feat considering the number of experiences offered and the number of details covered in each of MyEscapades African products. 

I’d also like to congratulate Firdosh on battling through a whole slew of cell interruptions.  Apparently some agents need remedial help with cell phone etiquette…hello! Otherwise an enjoyable evening, even if I wasn’t able to get my hands on some of the special South African wines that were given away.     

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