Terms of AC Agreement Include Restarting Regional Domestic Service

Comox, British Columbia.
Comox, British Columbia.

The terms of the financial support Ottawa is providing Air Canada include restarting service to regional communities across Canada.

Where Air Canada had temporarily suspended flights, service will be reinstated no later than June 1, 2021. Those include:

  • Bathurst
  • Comox
  • Fredericton
  • Gander
  • Goose Bay
  • Kamloops
  • North Bay
  • Penticton
  • Prince Rupert
  • Saint John
  • Sandspit
  • Sydney
  • Yellowknife

For the seven airports where AC had permanently cancelled service, the airline will either reinstate direct services or new interline agreements with third party regional carriers.

This includes Baie Comeau, Castlegar B.C., Gaspe, The Magdalen Islands, Mont Joli, Val d’Or and Wabush.

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