Barceló Targets Canada With New Dominican Republic-Based Airline

IberojetIf all goes according to plan, Canadian advisors will have another option when booking clients on flights to the Dominican Republic this winter.

Spanish tourism group Barceló aims to create an airline based in the Dominican Republic that would link the Caribbean destination with markets in Canada, the United States and Latin America.

According to a report in Dominican Today, the group wants to begin flying by the end of 2021 under the Iberojet banner.

The airline would be operated by Ávoris Corporación Empresarial, a division of Barceló. Ávoris’ air fleet was formed last December after the merger of Evelop and Orbest airlines. It has six long-haul aircraft and one short-haul aircraft. Evelop will begin using the Iberojet brand name beginning in May.

“We are preparing for an exciting new chapter in the history of the airline, which will see us fly to more and new destinations, collaborate with other airlines, distribute our inventory through multiple channels and serve new market segments,” Paul Verhagen, deputy general manager of Ávoris’ air division, said in an interview with Preferente.

The new airline has not yet defined all of the routes where it will fly. While it will serve Cancun, Havana, Cozumel and Costa Rica from Spain and Portugal, it has not stated whether it has any plans to fly to those destinations from Canada or the U.S.

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