Ensemble Travel Group Announces Collette as Preferred Partner
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Ensemble Travel Group has announced that Collette has become a Preferred Partner. As a preferred supplier, Collette will expand Ensemble’s offerings to include selling Collette’s array of classic group tours to destinations around the world.

“We are truly thrilled to welcome Collette to Ensemble as one of our preferred partners,” stated David Harris, CEO of Ensemble Travel Group.

“As travel slowly restarts, we believe there will be tremendous interest for consumers to book trips with established and trusted operators such as Collette and our advisors and clients alike will benefit from access to Collette’s wide range of travel styles whether it’s land tours, river cruises, small group tours, family trips, and more.”

“Ensemble Travel Group has a long standing tradition of providing excellent service in the travel space and becoming a preferred partner is really exciting for us,” said Christian Leibl-Cote, Senior Vice President of Global Business for Collette.

“Their reputation for outstanding dedication to their clients is a perfect fit with Collette’s commitment to putting our customers first.”

For more information, visit www.collette.com or www.ensembletravel.com

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