Flying Colours: New Book By Industry Veteran Helps Advisors Rebound
Lynn Elmhirst, Open Jaw Trends Editor

Many of Open Jaw’s readers know, or know of, Geraldine Ree from her days at Wardair, to Princess Cruises, to SVP at Expedia Cruises.  

Her new book, Flying Colours, comes out on 31MAR. That timing is not coincidental. The book offers travel advisors a post-pandemic recipe to help them build a business that is both personally and financially rewarding.

We spoke with Ree about her inspiration and motivation for the book, how it helps advisors in these ‘worst of times’, where she sees advisors fitting in to the post-pandemic ‘new normal’, and how business training differs from other types of education and professional development advisors and agency owners receive.

Plus, we asked her for three tips for any advisor looking to restart their business.

Here’s a video of our conversation with Geraldine Ree about Flying Colours. 

Ree told Open Jaw it’s a response to the devastating situation travel businesses find themselves in today. With so many of them starting back at “scratch,”  Ree says it’s the perfect time to rebuild the business that advisors and agency owners really want for themselves.

In Flying Colours, Ree distills the insights she gained through decades of working with travel advisors from all those perspectives, translating what she’s learned about successful travel retail entrepreneurship.

Ree’s program has lots of support within the industry. Back-cover blurbs include praise from Vicki Freed, SVP Sales and Trade Support & Service at Royal Caribbean, as well as Past President of Norwegian, Andy Stuart.

Other industry leaders have also weighed in.

Caroline Hay, TPI’s National Director, Sales & Marketing, TPI says, “Flying Colors is a must for Travel Advisors. This book will be your go to guide for successfully breaking through the next season of your business.”


Steve Smotrys, VP Seabourn, notes, “What stands out is that Flying Colors is written exclusively for Travel Advisors – a rare read.”


“Geraldine is a true champion of lifelong learning,” says Kristin Karst, Co-Owner AMA Waterways, “I can’t think of a more qualified and compassionate person to provide the practical advice, creative thinking and positive support needed to help others in the travel industry move forward.”

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