Value of Advisors & Longer Booking Windows: AmaWaterways Shares 6 Cruise Travel Trends
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A spin class onboard AmaMagna. AmaWaterways says more travellers will seek travel experiences
centered around health and wellness in the year ahead. Photo credit: AmaWaterways.

Travellers are increasingly looking to plan longer, more immersive travel experiences to better appreciate nature, live in the moment and reconnect with friends and family. That’s according to AmaWaterways co-owners Rudi Schreiner, Kristin Karst and Gary Murphy, who share six cruise travel trends for the year ahead.

“North American luxury travellers are beginning to plan their next vacations, and based on what we are seeing, river cruises are poised to be among the first to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels,” said Schreiner, president of AmaWaterways.  

“River cruise vacations take place on smaller ships with fewer guests, cruise within countries and conveniently dock in the center of charming towns and hidden villages. Looking ahead, we anticipate travellers will prioritize meaningful and authentic travel experiences that create true connections with their loved ones and the destination they are visiting. Travellers seeking this type of unique, intimate experience are driving increased demand for AmaWaterways.”

Here are the trends AmaWaterways is seeing:


  • The Value of Travel Advisors – At a time with complex restrictions and policies, AmaWaterways says travel advisors are more valuable than ever, serving clients with expert knowledge, destination insight and a personal touch to ensure a seamless transition throughout the voyage.
  • Celebration Travel – With group gatherings postponed throughout 2020, AmaWaterways anticipates celebration travel to be a top trend in the year ahead, as travellers make up for missed milestone birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Longer Stays, Shorter Booking Windows – Booking windows are expected to shrink, as travellers stand by ready to leap at the opportunity to escape as soon as conditions are right. AmaWaterways says its guests are adding extensions to their seven-night river cruises, combining back-to-back cruises through Europe and adding pre- and post-cruise land packages.
  • Slow Travel – According to AmaWaterways, trend analysts report more travellers are opting for unhurried and authentic experiences in less crowded destinations that offer immersion in the region’s culture, history and gastronomy. With more leisure time in ports of call, river cruises allow travellers to explore at a slower pace and fully immerse themselves in the destination.
  • Regenerative Travel – AmaWaterways has found travellers are actively seeking ways to give back to destinations by contributing to local economies and choosing sustainable ways to explore the world.
  • Holistic Wellness – The global pandemic has inspired travellers to focus on wellness, connect with new activities in the outdoors and improve their health and fitness, says AmaWaterways. More people are pursuing travel that includes ways to live an active, healthy lifestyle. 
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