Timing Is Everything: Transat Campaign Promotes The Value Of Advisors
Lynn Elmhirst, Open Jaw Trends Editor

There’s been a push in recent weeks and months to recognize the value of advisors to the travel industry. That conversation has been framed mostly in terms of fair compensation from suppliers, but the very survival of agencies and advisor businesses overall looms large. 

That’s why Transat Distribution Canada (TDC)’s new campaign for consumers is a boon to all of Canada’s travel advisors.

“More than ever, it is time to all stick together and speak with one voice to defend this industry that we love so much.”

General manager of TDC, Louise Fecteau, says it’s about looking towards the future of travel. 
“One thing is clear: the travel industry is here to stay, even if it is hit particularly hard by the current times”. 

And it’s a future with travel advisors.“In the coming months, at the dawn of a transformed travel industry, travel professionals will, more than ever, be the indispensable reference for travellers. They are in the best position to guide them through this new reality to make the best decisions according to their needs.”

In the last few months, the actions taken by everyone across our network have, better than any other advertising campaign, embodied the real value of doing business with a travel professional,” says Fecteau.

“We must now look towards the future, by convincing clients who plan their trip several months or even a year in advance, that it is to their advantage to consult a travel professional to guide them. The travel professional is able to identify the client’s specific needs and desires, in order to offer them that “wow” that will make them say ‘my travel professional was right’.”

TDC’s new, consumer-facing ad campaign doesn’t focus on product. Instead, it “illustrates different situations experienced by a traveller and most importantly, shows how the travel professional’s contribution makes all the difference for that traveller.”

TDC is urging consumers to “Get the vacation you really want”. It features consumers in a variety of travel scenarios in the post-COVID era, with one constant: the advice of a travel advisor, with the tagline “My travel professional was right.”

Fecteau says TDC is getting the message out to existing Transat customers through its own digital media, including its customer database, Facebook pages, and websites. But she adds that they also plan to go outside its own network and target non-customers in the coming months. And she says the campaign and its theme, “will be present continuously in the future.”

While TDC’s campaign does include lowkey Transat or Marlin Travel branding, the message boosts not just its own advisors, but advisors in general, as travel consumers begin to look towards a future life that includes travel again. 

ACTA President, Wendy Paradis, applauds TDC’s campaign and points out this message has universal benefits to all of Canada’s travel advisors. “More than ever, travellers feel the need to be reassured and guided, as the world of travel is changing. No other professional is better equipped to do so than the travel professional, since the customer’s vacation experience, including their health and well-being, is and has always been at the forefront for our members,” she says.

“By being in the market now, we are sowing a seed in the minds of consumers,” says Fecteau. “’Get the vacation you really want’, is the promise that travel professionals make to their clients every time they book a vacation with them, because the traveller’s interests are at the heart of every travel professional’s decision.”

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