RIU’s Social & Environmental Investment Reached 1.2 Million Euros In 2019
Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

RIU Hotels & Resorts announced that its social and environmental investment reached 1.2 million euros (CA$1.9 million) in 2019, an increase of 41.18% on 2018. 

According to the company’s Sustainability Report 2019, RIU’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team conducted humanitarian and sustainability projects in Madrid (Spain), Mexico, USA, Cape Verde, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Tanzania and the Dominican Republic. 

Humanitarian Projects

In Madrid, RIU launched a collaboration with NGO, Ayuda en Acción, to offer psychosocial support to primary school pupils at risk of social exclusion. RIU is also working with the Red Cross to support vulnerable families, and with Save the Children in its support centre in Vallecas, which aims to boost the development of children in their early years.

It has collaborated with Save the Children in Mexico to create two playrooms in Quintana Roo where children can develop cognitive skills. In Cancún, RIU supports Mano Amiga school with scholarships for 36 disadvantaged children.

With RIU’s assistance, a paediatric clinic was launched last year in Artola in Costa Rica, which has the capacity to provide preventive care to 5,000 children, and in the Dominican Republic, RIU supports Segunda Milla school, where 400 children study. In Cape Verde, RIU sponsors the Casa Solidariedade Espargos, a social centre that takes care of 200 children in order to mitigate the effects of neglect, and in Tanzania it has formed a partnership with the Mimi Na Wewe foundation, and has supported them in the expansion of several primary schools and the construction of toilets.

Another’s of RIU’s 2019 initiatives was its fight against the sexual exploitation of children in tourism,. Over the past year, 15,557 RIU workers underwent training by ECPAT — the official network that fights against sexual exploitation of children around the world — and 1,334 suppliers signed a clause that obliges them to reject the sexual exploitation of minors.

Biodiversity Projects

RIU has created two partnerships in Mexico with major organizations that protect the Mexican Caribbean ecosystem. One is the Amigos de Sian Ka’an, with whom it sponsored the restoration of the Pez Maya Biology Station, and the other is Oceanus, a body dedicated to the conservation of natural resources and with which RIU supports the planting of 1,000 coral colonies and a coral nursery in Costa Mujeres.

Since last year, RIU has supported the Turtugaruba organization in Aruba, which works in sea turtle conservation, and in the Canary Islands, it continues its work with Plant-for-the-Planet to reforest 450 trees and plants.

Striving to become a more environmentally sustainable hotel company, RIU has reduced single-use plastics by more than 180 tonnes worldwide, water consumption per guest per night by 3.67% and CO2 emissions by 4.38%.

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