itravel2000 Survey Finds Travellers More Inclined To Book With Flexible Options
Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Dianne Jackson, VP Retail,
Red Label Vacations.

Two-thirds (67%) of consumers polled by itravel2000 are willing to fly once leisure travel opens, but flexible change and cancellation policies will motivate those who remain hesitant to travel. 

Travel retailer itravel2000, a division of H.I.S.-Red Label Vacations Inc. (RLV), conducted a survey among 1,690 Canadians between 13-21AUG, 2020. The majority of respondents belong to the age group of 55+ followed by 45 to 54.

Here are some notable findings: 


  • When responding what would motivate them to travel, more than 50% of respondents opted for multiple options like a COVID-19 vaccine, super low fares, and flexible change & cancellation policies. Notably, 23% said they would travel only after a vaccine is brought into the market.
  • The Caribbean was the most popular destination among respondents, receiving 44% of votes, followed by 34% who said they were inclined to travel to a combination of the Caribbean, Europe and within Canada, Europe.
  • 60% of respondents said they would prefer booking an all-inclusive resort, followed by 28% who chose multiple options like vacation rental/home and AI resort. 
  • The ability to cancel or change a vacation package is the most important booking factor for travellers, with 40% selecting this response. Around half (52%) of respondents selected multiple responses like the ability to cancel and/or change vacation plans and knowledge of updated travel policies/cleaning processes as the most important factor in determining their booking. 
  • 73% indicated they would purchase travel insurance for their next trip. 
  • 29% of respondents said they want to travel as soon as they can, while 30% want to wait for next three to six months, and 28% will wait until 2021. 


“Now more than ever, travel brands must adapt to the changing market and rethink the way we sell vacations to consumers” says Dianne Jackson, vice president of retail, RLV. 

“Having these first-hand results shows that Canadians are willing to travel again as long as themselves and their vacation plans are protected. The travel industry has to work together and our team felt it was necessary to share our findings with the rest of the travel community.”

Anna Kroupina

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