Air Canada Vacations Launches ePackages With Free Checked Bag
Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Air Canada Vacations has launched ePackages, a new shopping tool allowing travel agents to search for and book flight and hotel packages, cabin upgrade and itinerary options.

“The ePackages tool, which is already integrated into popular shopping platforms, allows agents to book travel and accommodations for their customers’ travel journey with a few simple steps,” said Nino Montagnese, Managing Director at Air Canada Vacations. 

“At Air Canada Vacations our objective has always been and will continue to be to provide our travel partners with new tools and technology advancements that make supporting our mutual customers that much easier.”

Travel agents earn their regular package commission amount on the land portion of the ePackages booking, as well as 300 ACV&ME points per room per booking.

The ePackages shopping tool is accessible in SIREV, Sabre Vacations and Galileo Vacations. ACV advises agents look for the tour operator code “VAE.”

A step-by-step travel agent guide on how to navigate the ACV ePackages shopping tool is available by logging in to and clicking on the agent resources link to download.

To celebrate the launch, ACV is offering one free checked bag per person on all ePackage bookings.

Anna Kroupina

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