AC Allows Pax To Rebook Flights Near Capacity, Re-Introduces Select Meal Service
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Air Canada has rolled out several measures aimed at enhancing customer safety during the coronavirus pandemic. They include flexible rebooking options for Economy Class customers on flights that are close to capacity, additional touchless processes at airports, and enhanced inflight service and amenities.

Near-Capacity Flights

AC is no longer keeping adjacent seats in Economy Class empty. Instead, starting 01JUL, the airline is offering flexible rebooking options for customers on flights where Economy Class is booked close to capacity. Economy customers receive a notification in advance of check-in and announcements are made at the departure gate informing them their flight is near capacity. Customers will have the option to change to another flight operating within three days or to the next available flight without additional fees.

Touchless Services At Airports

Air Canada is expanding its TouchFree Bag Check service to additional Canadian airports in addition to YYZ, YUL, YVR and YYC airports, where it has already been rolled out, as well as for customers departing on international flights. Watch a demonstration here.  

Later in JUL, AC says it will introduce virtual queuing at primary Canadian airports “to more efficiently manage wait times at select counters.” Customers requiring service from an airport agent can scan their boarding card to enter a virtual queue and they will be notified via their smartphone to proceed to the counter for assistance.

On-Board Meals To Resume 

Beginning late JUL, Air Canada will resume chef-designed meal service in Air Canada Signature Class, and for the first time, will introduce it in Business Class – North America as well.  

Customers travelling on international flights in Economy Class will receive a meal service. Limited inflight food options in Economy Class onboard North American flights greater than two hours will be re-introduced on a pre-order basis.  

Customers will also be offered a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks adapted by cabin and route.

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