Cruise Leaders: MSC Cruises' Richard Sasso
Cruise Week

Industry publication Cruise Week has profiled the leaders of six major cruise lines, each of whom is a key force in shaping the industry. The profiles were created based on the observations of veteran reporters. This is the 6th and  final instalment.

The busy Richard Sasso is wearing two hats these days: one as the leader of MSC Cruises USA, another as Chairman of CLIA’s marketing committee. He makes it all look easy, having been in the cruise business for decades. There’s rarely a situation that’s new to Sasso and he stays fresh partly by involving himself with entrepreneurial-type projects. He was instrumental in the initial phases and successes of Celebrity Cruises; now he’s an instrumental part in the building of MSC Cruises, the newest of the large cruise lines.

Sasso is known and trusted by his peers. “Whenever there’s a big issue, Rick, as the CLIA marketing representative is one of a small handful of persons on the phone discussing with other leaders just what the industry approach will be,” observes one reporter.

He provides an experienced perspective. At a recent CLIA press conference he passionately defended the cruise business in the wake of criticism about ships calling in Haiti after the earthquake. Sasso is a passionate and intuitive exponent of the strengths of his company and the business.

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