Cruise Leaders: Royal Caribbean's Adam Goldstein
Cruise Week

Industry publication Cruise Week has profiled the leaders of six major cruise lines, each of whom is a key force in shaping the industry. The profiles were created based on the observations of veteran reporters. This is the 2nd in the series…

Royal Caribbean International president & CEO Adam Goldstein is described by a reporter as a bright and seasoned cruise executive; he was groomed for his position with stints in marketing, guest satisfaction and international hotel operations. “He has a lawyerly demeanour and can be friendly, while bringing a very disciplined approach to business.”

Goldstein is seen as a perfect complement to RCCL Chairman/CEO Richard Fain. “Richard is very into shipbuilding and the big thinker,” observes one reporter. “And it’s not that Adam isn’t, but, for example, Richard was the person who kept driving people on Oasis, while Adam kept the rest of company going during this important time.”

Another reporter also sees the relationship between Goldstein and Fain as being greater than the sum of the parts. “Richard may be the driving force behind innovation on the ship design side, but everything he drove the team to do, or to do differently, probably never would have worked without a disciplined person like Adam to see it through on the execution side. That was a damned-near flawless introduction.”

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