ACTA Endorses CANDi’s Stray Cat & Dog Neutering
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ACTA has announced that they have initiated their endorsement of Cats and Dogs International to bring humane solutions to managing the stray cat and dog populations in tourist destinations stating that, “The Association of Canadian Travel Agents supports the efforts of Cats and Dogs International (CANDi), a charitable organization whose mission it is to help homeless animals around the world. ACTA realizes that now more than ever before, travel and tourism businesses are looking to integrate sustainability into all areas of their business practices and to give back to host communities. CANDi’s programs are accessible to almost every sector of the industry – from airlines to resorts, from travel agencies to tour operators. With CANDi, each can all play a role in improving the lives of strays and creating humane solutions to managing the stray animal population.”

‘An important part of what ACTA can do is to help raise awareness within the industry about the plight of stray cats and dogs in tourist destinations and encourage our membership to get involved. ACTA can also help to educate and empower tourists about ways they can help CANDi achieve its mission.’ David McCaig, President and COO of ACTA. ‘ACTA is pleased to endorse CANDi’s efforts and will help educate our members as to what CANDi is doing worldwide’.

CANDi President & founder Darci Galati stated, ‘We have already made so much progress in the short time that CANDi has been in operation. We have rescued and adopted over 100 stray dogs, organized a free spay/neuter clinic for the public in 2008 with our next one planned for October 2009, and we have begun working with Royal Resorts in Cancun to implement a CANDi Cat Café, a program that is based on a partnership with hotels and resorts to spay/neuter and vaccinate stray cats that frequent their grounds and provide for their care on an on-going basis. With the endorsement of ACTA and businesses in the travel and tourism industry we can really change the lives of stray cats and dogs around the world.’

“CANDi partners with businesses in the travel and tourism industry as well as local animal organizations to implement its programs of humane, viable and long-term solutions to managing the stray cat and dog populations in tourist destinations around the world; while at the same time demonstrating for the tourism industry how businesses can increase profits and win customer loyalty through CANDi’s programs. Partnerships with CANDi will create opportunities for the tourism industry to market to millions of animal lovers in a new way. It is a win-win for all – the tourism industry, destination communities, tourists themselves and of course, the animals we help save,” continued Galati.

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