Montreal's VP&A Travel Joins American Express
Open Jaw

Colin Bartley, Regional Director of the American Express Travel Partner Network, is pleased to welcome Tina Harari and VP&A Travel, Dorval, Quebec to the American Express Travel Partner Network.

“Ms. Harari and VP&A Travel are the ideal profile of an American Express Agency with industry tenure and a blend of both Corporate and Leisure clients. Ms. Harari has been in the industry for over 20 years and opened VP&A more than 10 years ago. Tina’s successful business strategy ensures a loyal client base,” stated Colin Bartley.

Ms. Harari went on to say, “We’re looking forward to leveraging the American Express corporate products and strengths, along with their outstanding leisure tools, to grow and take our business to the next level. The clear strategy and plan offered by Amex and obvious interest in the success of our business was especially appealing to VP&A.”

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