Cabin Crew Are Too Busy For Mile-High Antics
Open Jaw

Coffee, tea or me? In a British survey, nearly half of those polled suggested that airline cabin crew would be the most likely to have sex on the job. But they’re wrong, with over three times as many factory workers as airline staff admitting to licentious behaviour in the workplace.

Just 6% of airline cabin crew said they had engaged in workplace sexual acts, compared to a surprising 19% of factory workers. Factory staff also spent the most amount of time fantasizing on the job: 31% confessed to spending up to two hours of the work day thinking about sex.

As the Globe and Mail reports, randy office employees took second place, with 16% admitting a workplace liaison. Over a quarter of desk jockeys said they spent two hours or more each day thinking naughty thoughts.

There’s something cooking in British restaurants and classrooms too, with 10% of teachers and 9% of chefs confessing to extra-curricular activities and off-the-menu antics.

“I think there’s that stereotype that cabin crew and nurses especially are going to be frisky but actually, those people are probably too busy to be getting up to those kinds of things,” said Kirsty Burgess, a managing director at the human resources consultancy which conducted the online poll.

The company conducted the survey after getting several calls from bosses who’d caught employees in flagrante delicto. “I was surprised at how much it actually goes on. It appears that quite a few different types of workers are getting up to mischief,” Burgess said.


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