Sticking It To The Man: Company Says 'Flying Pasties' Will Preserve Body Scanner Modesty
Open Jaw

A Las Vegas company has launched a product it says can preserve a passenger’s modesty from controversial body-revealing airport scanners. Dubbed “Flying Pasties,” the products are made of 2mm thick rubber and are designed to be inserted into undergarments to cover private parts.

As reported by, the company’s website features a virtually nude woman wearing the stickers but offers no evidence to prove that the product actually works.

The ‘pasties’ come complete with either peace sign decorations or slogans such as ‘Private’ or ‘Only My Husband Sees Me Naked.’ Male sets consist of just one piece, while female versions feature three. Prices range from $9.99 for a male Flying Pastie to $29.99 for a complete male and female set.

The company has been raked over the coals on travel blogs such as Jaunted and financial blog Consumerist for exploiting passenger fears – and for being completely ineffective. The Jaunted website says: "How are scanners that can see through thick leather wallets going to be fooled by these?"

The Consumerist website says: "Not only do these stickers appear to not have any sort of technology that would prevent the scanners from seeing your bits, the full-body scanners only show the general outline of your body anyway. That means that you’ve slapped these expensive stickers on your body for no purpose whatsoever."

On its website, the company acknowledges the product is controversial. “Some segments of society will undoubtedly condemn Flying Pasties for selling this product. Flying Pasties were not designed for these individuals. Flying Pasties appeal to a portion of society that is respectfully aware of the rule of law. The buyers of our product will tend to be citizens who are aware that giving up any amount of freedom in exchange for a sense of security simply means that you will receive neither. Our Flying Pasties are not meant to create confrontations, ONLY to retain your privacy."

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