Even Business Travellers On A Budget Willing To Pay Extra For Comfort
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The results of a new online survey by small business travel specialist Corporate Traveller reveal that business travellers are willing to pay over and above the cost of a budget airfare for the privilege of having more legroom, more entertainment options and personal seat selection. Not surprisingly, those surveyed balked at the concept of having to pay to stow carry-on luggage, use in-flight toilet facilities or to use the overhead reading light.

Respondents were asked to choose which in-flight services they would be prepared to pay more for when travelling on a budget fare. They were given seven options to choose from including toilet facilities, extra legroom, more entertainment options, seat selection, comfort packs, reading light and carry-on luggage storage. Respondents could vote for as many options as they wanted to, which produced a total of 253 votes cast across all options.

First on the list of services that people agreed to pay extra for was extra legroom, which scored 33%, followed by more entertainment options with 19%, being able to choose your seat at 14%, comfort packs as next important with 11%, toilet facilities and carry-on luggage storage with 10% and reading lights at 3%.

Corporate Traveller National Marketing Manager Chris Preston said the poll showed that while most passengers were prepared to pay extra to enhance the overall enjoyment of a flight, few would agree to pay extra for amenities that traditionally have been included in the price of a ticket. “There has been plenty of discussion in the travel industry recently about airlines charging passengers for certain on board amenities,” Mr. Preston said.

“Generally travellers understand and accept that nowadays a ticket is only part of what it costs to fly, but our survey shows there are some things that very few people would agree to pay extra for – like the toilet and an overhead light.”

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