Before You Go: Website Offers Bathroom Finder
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When you’re on the go and you really have to go… there really ought to be an app for that. But, in the meantime, at least there’s a new online tool to help you find the nearest public washroom across Canada and around the world.

Bladder protection product manufacturer TENA has installed the ‘Bathroom Finder’ on its website. "Whether you are heading out on a short trip or errand with the kids or a cross-country adventure, the TENA Bathroom Finder is sure to come in handy," TENA digital web manager Terri Coleman stated in a press release.

The actual information on the TENA site comes from another website appropriately named It aims to use information supplied by users to help you find a bathroom anywhere in the world. So far there are over 90,000 toilets profiled on the site and mobile applications are in development.

Travellers can search for a particular city on a map and then click on balloons to find out how many washrooms are in the area and where they’re located. For those more worried about aesthetics than relief, some washrooms are rated and clicking on the washroom of your choice gives you a brief description.

If you’re still reading, we’re not finished yet. is a website aimed at Canadians with overactive bladders. It offers an interactive cross-Canada map of the best and worst ‘powder rooms’ across the country.

There. Feel better now?

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