Travelsavers Parent Launches Companywide Social Media Platform
Open Jaw

At the American Marketing Group’s Got Talent global conference in Boca Raton, the organization unveiled a companywide social media platform called Agent Connect. The private online community encourages communication and collaboration among the 3,000-plus travel agents who belong to American Marketing Group Inc. companies, including Travelsavers, Nest, Twin and The Affluent Traveler Collection.

Each company has its own neighborhood within the overall American Marketing Group global community. The platform is similar to Facebook but is fully secure.

“Many of our agencies have asked for a way to network easily with their peers around the world,” said Nicole Mazza, Chief Marketing officer for Travelsaers, Nest and The Affluent Traveler Collection. “This internal online social media center will increase the sharing of best practices across our organization and leverage the many hidden talents of our agents.”

Agent Connect went live at the group’s conference last week and can be accessed through the Agent Extranets of the various American Marketing Group companies.

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