Softvoyage Launches New Hotel Booking Engine
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Softvoyage has added a hotel booking engine to their lineup of booking products for travel agents.

The new Hotel Booking Engine functions in a similar fashion to other Softvoyage booking engine products, querying a broad range of databases simultaneously and offering the choice of more than 100,000 hotels and resorts wordwide.

The engine allows agents using Sirev to choose hotel product based on a a broad range of criteria: star rating; distance from the downtown core; proximity of major landmarks and maps of the location of each hotel and resort.

For hotels, the engine searches rates from a variety of databases including GDS systems,, and the land content of major Canadian tour operators. More major bed banks will be added to the system on a regular basis.

A Control Centre provides agencies the ability to set specific business and pricing rules and information flows through agency back-office systems, creating a ‘Super PNR’.

“All of us are really thrilled with this new product,” says Steve Ringuet, Softvoyage’s CEO. “This new technology has been designed for Canadian Travel Agencies to be competitive in the market place all by easing the booking process. With a few clicks, you have access to the best prices, inventory and more importantly, great margins for properties anywhere in the world. It allows Travel Agencies using this tool to be a step ahead of the competition. There are tremendous benefits for our loyal Canadian customers.

Our ability to mix and match several vendors and control the display will provide our Travel Industry customers with the very best available technology available in the market place today.”

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