Travel Counsellors Reflects On 'Booming'
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In the wake of a volcanic eruption, airline strikes and unrest in popular holiday destinations Thailand, Jamaica and Greece, Travel Counsellors reports that sales continue to boom.

The company ended the month of April on a high, celebrating one of its best global sales days, achieving a gross of over C$2.25 million on Friday 30 April alone. Overall global sales for the month were up by 29% on the previous year. Canada had its best ever sales month in April 2010, achieving over 3 times the amount of sales over the same month in 2009.

Managing Director Steve Byrne comments; “The travel industry has experienced a series of set-backs recently but our business model continues to thrive because of the emphasis on personal service. People still want, and need to go on holiday, but in the light of recent events they are looking for a travel service that goes above and beyond. These sales figures prove that the travel industry is still flourishing for agents who can be there for their customers, and the drive to provide a unique level of personal service when unpredictable events occur.”

Since the start of its financial year (1 Nov 2009), Travel Counsellors has achieved global group sales of over C$241m, a 36% increase on the previous year. International sales have increased by 89% on the previous year, and total group sales are forecast to increase from C$400m in the last financial year to C$502m this year. The company’s agents are also reaping the benefits of these booming sales, with the average income per Travel Counsellor up by 20% worldwide and 30% in Canada alone.

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