Following Spat Over Name Change Woman Changes Her Name To Include 'I Hate Thomas Cook'
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A U.K. woman has taken the extreme step of officially changing her name to include the words ‘I hate Thomas Cook’ after a dispute with one of its travel agents.

Austin Kettle now answers to Mrs. Lorraine Darla I Hate Thomas Cook And Its Associates Big Shot Company Treading On The Little Guy Leeks  after an issue surrounding her honeymoon booking.

According to the Daily Mail, the 26 year old is due to marry next February. She booked a honeymoon in Gambia in her married name of Leeks but later realized she would not have enough time to change the name on her passport before she and her new husband set off to celebrate their nuptials.

When she realized the mistake, she contacted Thomas Cook and was advised that she would have to pay a fee to remedy the problem. After refusing to do so, the future Mrs. Leeks changed her name – including her first name which she switched from Austin to Lorraine.

Travel agents commonly advise women who plan to take their husband’s surname to book their honeymoon in their maiden name as they won’t likely have time to amend  their documents in time for international travel  if the honeymoon is soon after the wedding.

Mrs. Whatshername was quoted as saying: “I wasn’t angry with Thomas Cook – at first I was a bit upset but it was just a bit of a crazy moment and I decided to do it. I think my fiancé thinks I am crazy. The amusing thing is my fiancé will have to say my new name during the wedding ceremony.” There was no indication as to whether the fiancé is as amused as his betrothed.

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