Travelonly Chairman Luciani Calls For New Industry Committee
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Patrick Luciani, Chairman of Travelonly, is promoting the formation of a national, and ultimately international committee to promote to the consumer the importance of booking with a travel agent. Speaking at a recent TICO town hall meeting in Toronto,  Luciani said that it is important that consumers today be reminded of the value inherent in using the services of registered professionals when booking their travel arrangements. Luciani called for the formation of an industry committee made up of ACTA, ARTA, CITC and CATO representatives, as well as industry representatives of the hotel, car hire, coach, cruise, airline and other sectors to consider a national advertising campaign and to act as an industry think tank, brainstorming solutions to industry issues.

Patrick is requesting that anyone interested in forming such a committee, should email him directly at

“We need to take advantage of some of this industry’s best minds to explore this and other ventures designed to get our important message out to the public,” Luciani said. “In addition to promoting the important role the travel agent offers to the consumer, we need to create ideas designed to bring a new generation of bright, younger people into our industry,” adding that Travelonly would be the first to contribute to a national bursary for such a purpose.

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