Quebec Drafts Changes To Travel Agents Act
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ARTA’s Bruce Bishins has advised that the Government of Québec has issued draft regulations proposed to amend the "Travel Agents Act" in the province.

Among the main amendments and modifications to the "Travel Agents Act" proposed are:

– Creation of two new classes of licences, namely, the general licence for travel agents and the restricted licence for adventure travel organizers, outfitters and regional tourist associations

– Conditions for issuing and renewing a travel counsellor certificate including registration fees and examinations

– Requirements for opening a travel agency in a home

– Restrictions for travel agents working for more than one travel agency

– Limitations on the distance between a travel counsellor’s home and the travel agency location

– Clarification that "mission examination report" is equivalent in English to a "review engagement" for audit purposes"

Bishins says that ARTA Canada is seeking input and comments from its members and all other travel agencies in the province and will provide a summary of comments to Québec’s Ministry of Justice thereafter. … no later than May 20th.

For more detailed information about the draft regulations and to provide your comments (no later than May 20th, please) for inclusion in ARTA Canada’s submission to the Government of Québec, go to

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